About Us

About Us

The Promotional Merchandise Market place is a constantly changing environment and understanding your products and matching them to the branding that will get the best result is our business. Having over 16 years experience helps when making judgements about delivering projects within a given time frame that are branded to your needs. Matching stock availability is also a key factor and if we find that items are short then finding options is something that we are happy to look into. The website is here to provide a range of products (with a guide price only) that may be available but if there is anything that you cannot find through the various searches then please just drop us an email at and we will try and help further. We are split into three divisions and I am sure that one of them will be able to come up with an idea / price that would work for you.


Reach Creative Branding Ltd

Here you will find around 90,000 products, that will help provide ideas, with an indication of some of the styles that are available. Whether you are looking for a specific bag or mug then please just take time to run through the site. If you don’t see what your looking for or are short on time them just let us know. We have an amazing facility to put together an ideas list, that will help to narrow your search, and that may be fine tuned until we are on the right path. We pride ourselves on asking the right questions so that we can work out the best production route to take when producing your branded products.


Reach Creative Badges

You have found a company that understands how to bring your logo’s and designs to life as custom made products. When creating products such as trolley coin key ring, earrings, pin badges, key rings, cufflinks, to mention just a few, it is important to match the correct process with your design. Here at Reach Creative Badges we bring over 20 years of knowledge to the table when producing custom made products and would be happy to advice you on the various options available.

If you have a product that you would like to have made then please speak to us, you may need a wall plaque or wish to create a sequential numbered product we would be happy to discuss what is possible. Working with many designs over many years, we have been able to help the customer understand the options available, looking at both the pro’s and con’s. For example, making a pin badge in most cases means reducing the size of the design considerably and this brings its own challenges. It may mean for example that an enamel badge may not be suitable for your design but a printed pin badge or a decal product may be a better fit. We are happy to discuss CMYK designs verses PMS matched colours and taking the detail into account advise the best process to use. To mention just some of the processes we cover they are etching, stamping, dye cast, 2D rubberised, poly stone, leather, ribbon and not forgetting Lanyards.


Reach Creative Bags

If you are searching for an existing bag to brand with your logo then you will find a comprehensive list of bags under the Reach Creative Branding search engine. However, if you need a bag to be made to hold a given number of products / would like it to be apart of your packaging or need to carry heavy or awkwardly shaped products then speak to us. We have many years of experience in understanding and providing ideas that could work for you. The initial consultation is free and helps us to fully appreciate what it is that your are trying to achieve. Why not drop us an email at and we will try and help.